Warts, Mole and Skin Tag Remover (Pure Organic)


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All Types of Warts:
✅ Skin Tags
✅ Moles / Nunal
✅ Kulugo
✅ Genital Warts
✅ Plantar Warts

✅ Take Note: Only ages above 3 yrs old may use this product.

✅ Pure Kasoy Oil
✅ Aloe Vera for Moisturizing
✅ Salicylic Acid

✅ What to Expect?
✅ You will feel a burning effect. Mahapdi pero tolerable.
✅ You will feel that it is taking effect.
✅ Average from 3-7 days to take effect but pwedeng lumagpas.

How to Use:
1. 1-2 drops to the AFFECTED AREA ONLY. Do not spread on the other parts of the skin.
2. Let the oil sit on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes as the most recommended.
3. Once or twice a day is enough but pwede overnight.

Package Include:

1 Bottle Warts Remover Organic 15ml